Coastline Travel Group Welcomes Chad Clark, Founder of Chad Clark Travel Ventures

Coastline Travel Group is thrilled to welcome Chad Clark, founder of Chad Clark Travel Ventures to the growing team of Independent Affiliate Agencies. Chad’s team, Andi Bean- Director of Client Services, Andrea Malis- Director of Strategic Partnerships and Laurel Place- Director of Client Communications will bring expert experience to Chad Clark Travel Ventures in partnership with the Coastline Travel Group. Chad has been recognized by Forbes as one of the nations very best luxury travel specialists. He is a member of the following associations and has served on many advisory boards such as, Aman Advisory Board, Casa De Campo Advisory Board, as well as being recognized as a Travel and Leisure A List Advisor in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

Bio: Chad Clark has been a traveling for as long as he can remember, seeking out the world’s most interesting and exciting experiences. A self-proclaimed “Experience Junkie” Chad gave up his corporate life to follow his love for food, wine, culture, destinations, a.k.a. extraordinary travel experiences, and turn it into a business that

helps people make the absolute most of their most precious commodity—their time. Whether traveling with friends, family or alone on a research trip, Chad is all about the experience and when he loves it, he just has to share it with his client friends. That’s just his way. Of course he and his company have the contacts, the relationships, the stick-to-it-ness so clients can experience everything the world has to offer. Chad’s life is about travel and he’s amassing an ever-growing “Experience Journal” that he shares online through social media. You’ll see Chad in Rome, Sydney, Paris, and even in his own backyard golfing in Scottsdale, Arizona enjoying the people and the places. Sampling, connecting, building relationships and in essence living your next big adventure. Chad and his team of specialists can help you get there.

As an industry leader, Coastline Travel Group prides itself on staying ahead of the curve, providing cutting-edge technology and invaluable industry insights to give its advisors a competitive advantage. Travel entrepreneurs who choose Coastline Travel Group as their industry partner become part of a team that prioritizes innovation, offers robust infrastructure, provides access to a global network of

established preferred partnerships and fosters an authentic, engaged and knowledgeable advisor community. As a host agency, Coastline Travel Group allows advisors to experience the benefits of a small, family-owned company coupled with the influence and reach of a larger entity. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our partners for embracing Chad, Andi, Andrea, and Laurel on their new adventure with the Coastline Travel Group.

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