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Ilona Kupec
From Hungary, I lived in Budapest and moved to the United States in 1978. I officially began my travel career in 1983 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 2005 I have lived in the Sacramento Area with my family. In the last 30 years I have traveled around the world and gained valuable information that I am happy to share with my clients as I work hard to make their dream vacations become a reality. I truly take my time with every client. It is a priority to me to ensure all details of each trip are the perfect fit for each individual and are offered at the best possible value. a) Favorite Travel Destination: Europe b) Favorite Book to Take Traveling: Any Non-Fiction Book c) 3 Items I never leave without: Scarves, Moisturizer & Antioxidant

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Dawn Johnson
Creator of Experiences is what my business card reads…and my main goal as a travel advisor. I love to work with clients and learn about their dream vacations and then work hard to create a trip that will fulfill their dreams. My love of travel, adventure and creating new experiences began on my first trip to Europe for five weeks right after high school. We visited eight countries and immersed ourselves in the culture and earned five college units. And a life-long passion was born. While building a career in corporate retail as a buyer, marketing and community tourism and chamber organizations, travel continued to be a part of my life. I worked off and on with the family travel business over many years until I jumped in full time in 2018. I have had a chance to travel the world and have visited over 55 countries, with a goal of hitting 100. Each time I immerse myself in a new location, I bring back a new memory that will help create a unique experience for my clients. My goal is to create amazing trips for group and incentive travel, wine clubs, culinary groups and leisure trips.

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