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Jay Johnson
While working on my degree, I began working at the family owned At Your Service Travel Advisors in 1985. I quickly realized planning luxury safaris and vacations for my clients was a fun and enjoyable profession. And so I began a long and rewarding career as a Travel Consultant. I often say that I am the luckiest guy on this planet because I LOVE what I do for a living, and feel I am incredibly fortunate to have found my passion, which is planning amazing trips for my clients. I love to focus on Adventure Travel. Nothing inspires me more than helping create a trip of a lifetime for my clients. Travel Specialties: Ocean Cruising, River Cruising

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Leah Bergner
After graduating at the top of her class from a local Southern California high school, Leah went on to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and European/WWII History at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1997. It was in Santa Barbara that Leah decided a career in education might prove rewarding. Leah graduated from UCSB and pursued an even higher level of education from California State University, Long Beach. Here, she received her graduate degree and credentials in primary education. Leah taught for three years in the Long Beach and Anaheim public school system focusing on reading development and child advocacy. Upon meeting Jay Johnson and his family, Leah took interest in the luxury travel industry. She recognized that she continued to have a great passion for learning outside what textbook pages could offer and could still use her educating skills in this field. Leah’s goal is to provide the utmost in travel advice and customer service, and takes great pride in being part of such a phenomenal Virtuoso agency. Your wish can be a dream fulfilled and realized as she plans every detail of your next adventure. Travel Specialties: History & Culture, Luxury Hotels, Ocean Cruising, River Cruising

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Carla Crittenden
Carla began at At Your Service Travel Advisors in 1979, right out of college as the agency assistant bookkeeper. From these humble beginnings, Carla has emerged as the Director of Festivals for Coastline Travel Group, Inc. Carla entirely manages the annual Hawaii Invitational in Waikiki, which recently celebrated its 26th anniversary this past April. In 1997, the Hawaii Invitational was a struggling venture that that consisted of one local high school band going to Hawaii to “compete” with other bands. Well, it’s pretty hard to compete when you’re the only band in town. Carla took over the reins of the Hawaii Invitational, using her incredible accounting mind, and has transformed this once dormant festival into the most exclusive, and by far the largest high school music festival in Hawaii. Travel Specialties: Escorted Tours, Festivals & Events, Luxury Hotels, Ocean Cruising

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Michele Benigno
My mission is to inspire my clients to explore the world through travel & see life from a different perspective. After 28 years as a consultant, I’ve developed key industry relationships. I prided myself on adaptation & innovations without losing a “hands on personal service approach.” I am Sicilian American, grew up in New Orleans (ask me about Mosca’s). I thrive on Louisiana’s culture, good food & the great music. I studied & worked in both Argentina (Economics & Tango Argentino) & Mexico (History & Revolution) . I specialize in Italy & Latin America due to my experience in these regions. An avid scuba diver, I have dove the pristine reefs of the Maldives & Fiji. I design seamless itineraries so you engaged in culture, history, food, art & people. Consider a one on one with a Master Gaucho Silversmith in Argentina’s Pampa or access to Buenos Aires’ closed door restaurants. I am committed to making your trip truly remarkable & life changing with a travel partner that is available to you every step of the way. Travel Specialties: Adventure Travel, Independent Tours, Luxury Hotels

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Lek Pirompramate

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Logan Johnson
I’m passionate about traveling to countries that are off the beaten path and immersing myself in the culture and customs of each city. My goal is to plan unique itineraries for families that offer an authentic experience. I grew up in Southern California, and am enthusiastic about surfing and being outdoors. I started traveling when I was only 6 months old and I’ve been to some amazing parts of the world. My most memorable destinations include Kenya, Egypt, Costa Rica, Tanzania, and Italy. Travel Specialties: Beach & Sun, Family Vacation

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Stephanie Louzil
Stephanie’s incredible passion for travel began at a young age, when she had the opportunity to explore various destinations with her family. While her personal travel experience is primarily domestic thus far, she maintains a genuine passion for crafting unforgettable, personalized experiences around the globe based on her clients’ specific desires, needs and preferences. After graduating from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Managerial & Organizational Communications, Stephanie began her professional career in public relations at a five-star, five-diamond luxury resort. There, she realized that her attention to detail, passion for planning, incessant thirst for knowledge and desire to explore worldwide destinations were best suited for a career in travel advising. Using her experience planning her own customized travel excursions, Stephanie’s favorite part about her role is discovering her clients’ individual travel goals, then using her knowledge and expertise to craft personalized itineraries that result in extraordinary journeys and lifelong memories for each and every client. Travel Specialties: Adventure Travel, Beach & Sun, Family Vacation, Food & Wine, Ocean Cruising

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Danielle Koch
Danielle’s interest for travel and adventure started at a young age but, turned into a passion once she studied abroad in Bilbao, Spain her sophomore year of college. After graduating from Point Loma Nazarene University with a degree in Managerial Organizational Communication, Danielle moved back to Mallorca, Spain to live and work for a year. She was immersed in the culture through teaching English and working for a non-profit for people with disabilities. She then moved back to California in 2018, and sought to find a job that would suit her passion for travel and adventure. She desired to work in a place where she could share her experiences and inspire people by using her attention to detail, and planning techniques to create the most ideal trip for each individual client. She has first-hand experience traveling through Europe but, as a young travel advisor she hopes to expand her worldly knowledge. As a travel advisor, it is her mission to help people create life-changing experiences in the most effective way possible. She aspires to help give people the opportunity to travel and obtain the experiences that have shaped the lives of many others. She believes that travel can be transformational. She is passionate about serving one another cross-culturally, and creating life-changing experiences that provide these opportunities. Travel Specialties: Food & Wine, History & Culture

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Dani Johnson
Dani Johnson has always been passionate about travel and exploring the world. Dani has an extensive travel background, having worked for Crystal Cruises, planned inaugural events for Silversea Cruises and riverboat companies. Dani is on Wendy Perrin’s WOW list and has been featured several times in Town & Country magazine for Napa Valley and Hawaii. Dani curates unique travel experiences and utilizes her personal travel to plan and execute authentic trips. Dani’s recent favorites are Bhutan, Africa, Seychelles, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Costa Rica, China, and Japan, Dani’s passion is to travel to unique and different countries, experiencing cultures while appreciating an exceptional level of service. Dani’s specialty is planning multi-generational travel and milestone events. Curating a unique trip that works for the entire family is one of Dani’s strengths. Dani’s go-to destinations that she visits at least once a year are the islands of Hawaii, Mexico, Italy and the state of California. Travel Specialties: Adventure Travel, Ocean Cruising

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