Independent Advisor Program

Independent Advisors


It is our job to make your job easier. We offer...
- Vacation Support
- Commission Tracking
- Bi-Monthly Direct Deposit
- Virtual Assistant
- Graphic Design Services
- Technology Support
- Air Team


Our community is our strength. We build it continuously...
- Annual Top Talent Trip
- CTA Collaborative Journeys
- Individualized Business Development Support
- Industry Leading Preferred Partnerships and
Strategic Relationships
- Leisure Referral Team


Our cultivated programs were created with our advisor's needs in mind.
- Inclusive High Commission Splits
- Leisure Referral Team
- Localized IATA numbers
- Virtuoso Membership

Affiliate Agency Program


You’ve invested in your company. We want that to shine!
- Maintain your own brand identity
- Virtuoso membership and benefits


Big enough to matter; small enough to care.
- Top tier commissions
- Exclusive supplier partnerships
- Eliminate back-office costs and 1099s
- Reduced costs for ClientBase and Sabre
- Shore up redundant bills
- Provide your ICs with larger host agency


Our curated programs can be utilized by your entire team.
- Preferred Partnerships
- Strategic Relationships
- Innovative programming and support for
independent contractors
- Sales and Development Support
- Commissions Tracking Program


Welcome to the Coastline Travel Family
We love investing in our team, and our affiliates enjoy the benefits!
o Leisure Referral Team
o Virtual Assistant
o Air Team
o Technology Support
o FAM Trips: CTA Collaborative
Journeys, Top Talent Trip
o Private Advisor Forum
o Training and development