Danielle’s interest for travel and adventure started at a young age but, turned into a passion once she studied abroad in Bilbao, Spain her sophomore year of college. She had the opportunity to explore various destinations and cultures all throughout Europe. These experiences opened her eyes to the world and the opportunity to serve and meet people along the way.

After graduating from Point Loma Nazarene University with a degree in Managerial Organizational Communication, Danielle moved back to Mallorca, Spain to live and work for a year. She was immersed in the culture through teaching English and working for a non-profit for people with disabilities.
She then moved back to California in 2018, and sought to find a job that would suit her passion for travel and adventure. She desired to work in a place where she could share her experiences and inspire people by using her attention to detail, and planning techniques to create the most ideal trip for each individual client. She believes in the transformative nature of travel, and ability to change the way we see the world and ourselves. It bridges the gap between cultures and provides opportunities to learn from one another. She aspires to help give people the opportunity to travel, and obtain the experiences that have shaped the lives of many others all while giving back to local communities that allow us to have these experiences.