After graduating at the top of her class from a local Southern California high school, Leah went on to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and European/WWII History at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1997. It was in Santa Barbara that Leah decided a career in education might prove rewarding. Leah graduated from UCSB and pursued an even higher level of education from California State University, Long Beach. Here, she received her graduate degree and credentials in primary education. Leah taught for three years in the Long Beach and Anaheim public school system focusing on reading development and child advocacy.

Upon meeting Jay Johnson and his family, Leah took interest in the luxury travel industry. She recognized that she continued to have a great passion for learning outside what textbook pages could offer and could still use her educating skills in this field. Leah’s goal is to provide the utmost in travel advice and customer service, and takes great pride in being part of such a phenomenal Virtuoso agency. Your wish can be a dream fulfilled and realized as she plans every detail of your next adventure.