Born and raised in Birmingham, AL but now calling Denver home, I love living in a state where I have easy access to some of the best hiking spots and ski towns in America. Childhood vacations throughout the United States helped whet my appetite for travel at a young age, whether it was hiking around the Grand Canyon, seeing a Broadway play in NYC, or lounging on the beaches of Florida. I was hooked on the feeling of exploring new places, meeting different types of people, and seeing the vastly different landscapes that exist all within our own country.

I was bit by the travel bug when I was a young girl, and now as an advisor, I am thrilled that I can provide those same life-changing experiences to my clients. As an adult, I’ve traveled extensively around the world, all the way from Alaska to Antarctica, Hawaii to Hungary. Using insight from my past travel experiences as well as tapping into the incredible network of Virtuoso partners, I love being able to get creative putting together a custom vacation for my clients. I hope that each and every one of my clients takes away from their vacation, whether it’s a short weekend getaway or a bucket-list safari, the same sense of wonder of the world that I feel each time I hop off a plane.