Hi I’m Alex, so glad you’re here! I specialize in helping body/mind/soul enthusiasts create heart-opening, healing and earth-friendly travel experiences.

Growing up in that melting pot called The Big Apple, I dreamed of visiting every country to feel the unique wonderment of their local vibe, their local experience and culture. World travel continues to broaden my experience and global perspective, cultivating my own compassion and understanding for humanity. This is why it’s become my passion, which I now love to share with others.

I love working on all kinds of itineraries, but I’m especially focused on Sustainable Wellness & Eco-Friendly Travel. (Five consecutive years at Camp Asto Wamah on Columbia Lake, CT will do that to a city girl!)

I believe that successful, well-curated travel planning requires a bit of resourcefulness, a keen attention to detail, some tech-savvy and most of all a commitment to top quality outcomes. I’ve blended my wanderlust with 20+ years of project management experience to curate uniquely customized itineraries just for you, the most discriminating client.

Favorite Travel Quote:”The more I traveled the more I realized that FEAR makes strangers of people who should be FRIENDS.” – Shirley MacClain

Alex is the founder of the Facebook Group “Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Wellness Experiences for the Luxury Traveler”, where she fosters a growing community of like-minded wanderlusters who share the same travel values. She is also an active member of Virtuoso’s Wellness Travel Community and Sustainable Travel Community.