Born and raised on the bootstraps of my father’s military career, I was introduced to the world’s cultures at an early age. We lived in different parts of Germany for 7 years, including Berlin when the wall was still up. I was witness to the famous speech by President Ronald Regan at Brandenburg Gate where he challenged “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall!”. This afforded me with the appreciation for history and cultures from the very start. Upon graduating from college, I accepted my first job at a travel company that specialized exclusively in travel to Greece. Providing the professional insight into the travel industry, my 10 year career with this company gave me a wealth of knowledge for the country of Greece, which coincidentally was home to my grandfather, who was born in a small town outside of Athens. Being of Greek heritage brought a special love for helping individual clients as well as travel agents plan their trips to this beautiful country. I have been fortunate enough to vacation in Greece several times, enjoying the incredible food, culture and scenery. As your Travel Insider, my expertise will help you enjoy the most incredible trip of a lifetime.