Carol Asivido, CTA has been in the travel industry for over 35 years, with 25 years at Yorba Linda Travel, a member of the Coastline Travel family. Carol is a native born Californian, and started traveling at a young age with her family, traveling throughout the United States. She became passionate about traveling and wanted to discover all the world has to offer. Carol is very active in working with special animal groups, raising money and finding these animals their forever homes! Her interest in animals, nature and people, has taken Carol to many different parts of the world, Tahiti, Hawaii, Canada, Europe, Egypt and Alaska, where she experienced their habitats and customs. Carol is hoping her next adventures will take her to Africa, Galapagos, Australia, Antarctica and other remote areas of the world where she can fulfill her passion for animals, nature and people through her travels.

Carol believes in providing the best customer service possible. She can arrange all her client’s needs and makes sure every detail of their trip is in place. Her main goal is to create memories that will last a lifetime for her clients and fulfilling their dreams is her number one priority. Carol can assist with many types of travel – leisure, tours, families, cruises, honeymoon and groups. Carol looks forward to her new adventures where she can interact with animals, nature and people, and sharing these wonderful experiences with others, especially with her clients.