After a European study abroad in high school, I returned to the States with an ignited passion for travel. Since then, my desire has never faltered and I have traveled at every opportunity that presents itself. Raising two kids didn’t stop me from exploring the globe, and I’m thankful I was fortunate enough to show my children the wonders and adventures the world has to offer them through travel. Whether swimming the Great Barrier among a clan of manta rays, dog mushing on a frozen glacier, or wine tasting in Tuscany, the opportunities for exciting and fulfilling travel are almost endless. I know from first hand experience that travel is invaluable for everyone including children at any age, enriching their lives and broadening their perspective of the world and other people in it. Family travel is also a great bonding experience creating lifelong memories for you and your family. I look forward to advising you on your next journey and helping you create that special experience that will become part of your family’s stories for years to come.