Debi Kelley joined Premiere Travel Planners after years of planning personal trips for family and friends. She has been providing high levels of customer service to clients for over twenty years as a Physical Therapist and has owned her own practice for ten years. She now takes her listening and attention skills to planning unique and personal travel experiences.

When not working, Debi enjoys spending time with her husband of 25 years, her usually pleasant teenage sons, and her always happy dogs. She also volunteers at church and her sons’ school. Having a spouse with Multiple Sclerosis and a son with Type I Diabetes, Debi understands that travel can come with unique challenges and works hard to ensure that potential problems are considered before travel to make for as smooth a trip as possible.

At Premiere Travel Planners, we are travel agents who turn the discerning travelers’ vacation dreams into reality. Using our global connections and professional experience, we design your customized trip to be as unique as you. All the details will be taken care of so you can travel with confidence. We also work with groups traveling around a common interest like wine, history, cycling and food. We are passionate about travel that inspires deeper connections with others and our world.