I’ve always loved traveling and started planning trips for others in my teenage years. Planning trips was such a pleasant hobby that I didn’t even consider it as a profession at first. Recently, I left my career as a lawyer to turn this “old hobby” and passion into a business. I’ve pretty much taken a “free fall” into tourism as decided to open my own travel business. Since 2019, it has been my full time job.

Believe it or not, I enjoy even the hours spent at a good airport!

I’m Brazilian, so I’m a native Portuguese speaker. I’m also fluent in English and French.

Spanish is my current project. At the moment, I read and understand at an advance level, speak and write at an intermediate level.

I would say my best ability is to craft VERY personalized itineraries. I truly believe there is no right way to travel and I often turn crazy dreams and ideas in reality, because “why not?”. Travelers should be able to enjoy every minute of their trip, and never do something just because everyone else does it. Time is our most precious asset!My goal is to hopefully provoke enough change and growth in people’s lives that they have no choice but to better themselves and their surroundings.