I’m an Arizona native with a lifelong passion for language and culture. My first overseas trip was as a Student Ambassador to Sweden, Finland, and Russia. I fell in love with every aspect of new cultural discoveries and adventure!

The first lesson of travel I was taught was that most times, things will not go according to plan and how you deal with changes can make or break a trip. That logic has served me well over the years in my personal travels and it serves my clients very well now in my profession.

I am resourceful, creative, and adept in my approach to travel planning, making flexibility a priority. I like to say that my greatest value as an Advisor is not in when everything goes right but in when things go sideways and I get you back on track.

My specialties are over-the-top, private-guided, exclusive experiences. I love designing multi-generational family trips, honeymoons, and first-time soloist outings. While I haven’t met a destination I don’t like, my personal favorites are all of Scandinavia (especially Denmark!), France, Italy and Africa.

To learn more about my services, please visit www.msguidedtravel.com and the Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialists list www.cntraveler.com/contributor/jessica-avery.