Travel has been a passion of mine for most of my life. My stepmother, a successful Travel Advisor, immersed me in travel as a child and it has been a passion of mine ever since. I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, when I was a student at Georgia College and State University. On that trip, I was able to soak in the culture and experience Italy like a local. On the weekends, I jumped on trains to explore the country. After my studies in Florence, I explored more of the Mediterranean onboard a luxury cruise ship.

When I graduated with a degree in Exercise Science in 2017, I began a career as an exercise and nutrition professional. However, my love of travel (and my stepmother Susan) inspired me to transition to a career as a professional Travel Advisor! It felt like a natural move for me because I am always looking forward to the next trip I have planned. Whether it’s sipping red wine in Italy or exploring the jungles of Costa Rica, I am constantly inspired by travel, and I hope to share that inspiration with my clients. When I’m not traveling, I love weightlifting, hiking with my Australian Shepard Kingsley, and sharing time with family and friends.

My love for travel is rooted in my love of meeting people, which is why I am always excited to connect with a new client. The best part of being an advisor is that it allows me to bring my clients’ dreams to life. Traveling can change a person’s perspective, and it is my aim to help make that happen for my clients, one experience at a time. I want to provide my clients with luxury experiences that are carefree, unique, and reflected on with a smile. Luxury is not about the price but about the customer service and quality, and I work hard to make sure my clients are satisfied at every turn.