My love for travel started when I was very young. My father was stationed in Germany where he met my mother. After they were married, they continued to live in Germany while he served in the Army. I was born in Germany so traveling between Germany and the U.S. often to visit family was the norm for us. Exploring became the natural next step for us as my parents enjoyed traveling too.

I have visited many places within the United States and abroad and shared my love of travel with my children. While we travelled domestically when they were younger, our international travel started with middle school trips. It was a great way to spend time with them while exposing them to different cultures and history. We always learned how to say several standard words and phrases in the local language. They enjoyed practicing their new skills with the locals. All three of them like to travel too.

While sharing my love of travel through owning and operating my own travel company has always been my objective, I haven’t always worked solely in the travel industry. For almost two decades I was in the pharmaceutical industry. I enjoyed being part of a group that helped patients. Booking international travel was a big part of my role and it made me realize that I wanted to do that as a career. Finding the best travel experiences became a passion for me. I was always excited when my colleagues sought me out for advice their travel and how to make the most of it.

Sharing my travel experience with you so that you can realize your own adventures is a dream come true.