In my experience, the word “travel” evolves to take on different meanings at different stages of a person’s life. At times it is adventurous, at others a necessity and perhaps at others, life moment expanding experiences. I am passionate about helping my clients have the most memorable experiences possible, no matter what “travel” may mean to them and at every stage and chapter in their life.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, my roots span the globe. I have a great appreciation for Eastern European culture and continue to stay connected to my familial heritage. Traveling across the world to arrive in the United States as a child, was the biggest trip I have taken, filled with adventure and possibility. I have traveled throughout Europe, Mexico, and virtually every state in the United States as the country I call home has some of the most amazing things to see and experience. Along with helping my clients, I plan on making many other memories of my own through continued exploration travel here in the United States and abroad.

I’m here to be the best resource possible for my clients who desire to experience something new or return to a destination they feel is like a second home!