Cynefin Travel “Curated Memories Stamped in Luxury”

Based in New York City, my daughter and I founded Cynefin Travel at the end of 2018. We have traveled to 47 countries and still counting. We specialize in mother-daughter trips to Paris. It is where our passion for travel ignited in 2009. We are expanding our mother-daughter trips globally.

Why We Love What We Do

For us, the beauty of traveling is not only the time we spend on the actual vacation, but the excitement we get when we book our tickets, the anticipation as we wait to jet off to a foreign place, and the discovery of a new and rich culture. This is how we feel when we tailor your perfect itinerary.

Our Mission

Our passion lies in giving our clients the most authentic and luxurious travel experience. To fulfill their curiosity for adventure, to encourage them to see the world through a new lens, and to create unforgettable experiences and long-lasting memories, while delivering excellent customer service.

Our Vision

To focus on a sustainable future by choosing suppliers that are environmentally conscious and promoting local businesses for authentic experiences. To inform and inspire our clients to be sustainable travelers by reducing their carbon footprints and giving them the tools to enjoy their travel sustainably.

Our Values

Traveling is our passion. Delivering the VIP experience is our promise. We aim to design the perfect blend of cultural and luxurious journeys, with a vision of offering unparalleled service, trust, and respect.

For Cynefin, luxury means delivering unparalleled customer service. It is our uniqueness and taking the simple pleasure in our quality of service.

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Cynefin Travel is proud to be an Independent Affiliate of Coastline Travel/Tafari Travel