Even in these unprecedented times, I still believe travel is the only expense that actually makes you RICHER. Let’s collaborate on what’s next for you…whether it’s staying here in the U.S. or elsewhere! I’m your advocate from start to finish. When I feel and see the look of fulfillment and JOY in your eyes when you return, THAT’S why I do what I do.

I’m Honolulu born and raised, a graduate of the University of Hawaii’s Travel Industry Management school. I now call Santa Monica my home, although I was probably French in another life. 😀

I can’t wait to return to the language-immersion school in Villefranche-sur-Mer, on the French Riviera!

A graduate of the Virtuoso Certified Travel Advisors program, I’m constantly seeking new adventures to share with my clients, including one of my favorite study tour destinations, the Bordeaux/Dordogne region–so much more than “just” wine– tasting fresh oysters right from the water, exploring century-old villages where I expected Shrek to come out to greet us….

My job is to make your travel dreams a reality. There’s so much world out there to see. Let’s explore it! Specialties include groups, multi-generational families, river and ocean cruises, Hawaii, Tahiti, and France.

Creating Global Citizens.