I have a broad experience of traveling for business as a former biopharmaceutical executive who spent 80% of my time on the road. When it’s time for my personal travel I’ve always had high expectations. I understand your needs as a traveller because I am one. I have also owned two contemporary art galleries and understand many of your desires to include a deeper appreciation of culture, history and the arts when traveling abroad.

To date I have travelled through 40 countries and 35 states domestically and I have learned that the right travel can be a life changing experience. I have travelled abroad while creating my own plan on the fly and have also used luxury travel advisors. I can guarantee you that getting assistance from an expert is a must, otherwise you just won’t know what you’re missing. A short list of my adventures includes:

Two African safaris through 5 countries
7 countries in Europe
Monthlong ski odessy throughout Colorado
Weeklong surf camp in Costa Rica followed by 2 weeks of driving by myself without a guide
Island hopping in the South Pacific – 20+ islands, 3 atolls, countless motus and scuba diving at night with 100+ reef sharks in a feeding frenzy on Fakarava
An odessy of 8 countries in 8 weeks including driving an RV across New Zealand by myself and then country hopping throughout Southeast Asia