It’s simple! I love what I do and my goal as a travel consultant is to make your travel dreams come true. Whether it’s hiking back roads, snowboarding through Alps, taking a private tour of the Vatican, or going on an unforgettable honeymoon – I’m here for you.

Aside of personalized travel planning I LOVE creating something special for honeymooners and wellness bugs like myself.

Wellness trips which are not your traditional yoga retreats. These trips help you create better everyday life habits like food choices, organizing your day to be more productive, enjoy your down time. And you can do this in the most scenically beautiful places in the world, on your own or with loved ones.

As you know world is quite big once you start to travel, but there are few countries close to my heart. Switzerland, Bali, Slovenia, Iceland, Israel and Russia – Each is unique and beautiful in their own way. So what is next on your list?! Let’s make it happen!