Through an interest in space tourism and entrepreneurship, I stumbled into the travel industry. A love and appreciation of travel, and the opportunity to help incredible people gain additional perspective in their lives has kept me here.

My company is SpaceToTravel, which is about both finding the space to travel in your lives, and the crossroads of travel and space that we find ourselves in this modern day and age. Astronauts have taught us that the perspective one gets from orbit is nothing short of life-changing. There’s even a name for this phenomenon – The Overview Effect, coined by author and former Harvard professor Frank White.

As a certified Wanderlist Specialist, I specialize in helping you find a higher perspective on your life through travel, whether that’s exploring a unique cultural destination like Japan, relaxing on the beach and enjoying the view in the South Pacific, or who knows – maybe even someday looking down at the Earth from space and enjoying the highest view.