Trista Ehrichs began traveling the world when she was quite young, visiting her family in Europe. She has explored much of Europe and Central America, and visited over 20 countries. She has a strong passion for travel, culture and gastronomy. Taking a cooking class in a new country is always on the top of the list!

Trista has two young children who love travel and adventure as much as she and her husband do! Having children gave her a new perspective on planning travel and world adventures. She loves to experience the world firsthand with them, not just through books and pictures. Her children have already visited 16 countries.

Trista has planned many international trips and is a go-to resource for all travel and destination related questions. She is constantly staying informed about new experiences, new hotels, and international current events. The experience and knowledge she has accumulated throughout her life and extensive travel experiences, paired with the wonderful network of travel partners, ensure an unforgettable travel experience.