My name is Valentina Michaels and I am a travel designer with Videre Travel. In addition to having my Master’s degree in International Tourism Administration from George Washington University (with an emphasis on Ecotourism & Sustainable Development in Latin America), I have lived in Central America and possess 28+ years of valuable, hands on experience in the fields of travel and tourism both locally and internationally. My extensive experience includes management and marketing, as well as group and FIT consulting, planning and sales, in the areas of eco, adventure, and philanthropic travel. My specific areas of expertise are Central & South America, Sub-Saharan & Northern Africa, and Southeast Asia. Additionally, I speak fluent Spanish. I am always ready to travel at a moment’s notice.

I possess valuable experience in the uniquely connected worlds of eco/adventure travel and sustainable tourism, conservation, and the non-for-profit sector. I am equally comfortable in the office or out in the field. I possess excellent communication skills, am creative and visionary. For me, it’s about “going deeper”, connecting with people and cultures on a more intimate level…sharing in the experience and becoming part of the local landscape.

For many years, my primary focus has been creating highly customized itineraries to off the beaten path locales for intrepid and passionate travelers longing for those hidden gems and bespoke experiences. My client base is typically high-end and quite discerning.