As a lover of adventure, culture, people, and everything in-between, Veronica found that the Travel Industry is and has always been the perfect fit for her. She officially joined the industry in 2011, but her love of travel began far before then.

As a child, she aspired to travel like a close family friend who jetted all around the world checking off his unique bucket list all while collecting unique souvenirs. This, along with frequent family trips throughout Mexico and California formed the idea that she too would one day see all of the world. Veronica has now traveled extensively and continues to travel to new destinations any chance she gets!

Professionally, Veronica has recently launched her brand, Wander Barefoot as an affiliate of Coastline Travel Advisors. She caters to travelers, who like her, seek out unique travel experiences, outdoor adventure and off the beaten path explorations. As an outdoor enthusiast, Veronica wants to continue to inspire others to step outside and spend their days exploring the beautiful world we live in.

Veronica also serves as a National Manager for Millennials In Travel, a group tailored for travel industry professionals generally born after 1975. As the MIT National Manager of digital Content, she oversees in the maintenance of the Millennials in Travel website, blog, and the creation and distribution of their quarterly newsletter.