Summer Vacation Checklist to Pack on Your Next Getaway

With summer right around the corner, planning a summer vacation is sitting on the horizon as a glimmer of hope. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, honeymoon, or a girl’s trip, here’s a summer vacation packing list to help you.

Summer is here so many of your will be going on vacation most likely somewhere warm. In some ways packing for summer is easier than packing for other seasons because you can bring lighter clothes which take up less space in your luggage but there are several must pack items you don’t want to forget. For those of you traveling this summer, I have put together the ultimate summer vacation packing list for men and women.

Summer Vacation Packing List

Below is my summer travel packing checklist.


  • Dresses and skirts  – I love wearing dresses in the summer and I always pack at least a 2-3 dresses on my summer travels. I always bring at least 1 colorful dress and 1 basic black dress that I can wear day to night. Skirts are cute as well but I prefer dresses because I don’t have to worry about bringing a matching top.
  • Shorts – Those of you that live in a cold destination will be excited to finally wear shorts. For those that like to wear shorts, I recommend women bring at least 1 pair and men bring 2-3 pairs. Dickies makes great men’s shorts that are perfect for traveling, outdoor activities or camping including this cargo short.
  • Lightweight pants  – Shorts can be too casual for some places. I recommend men bring at least one pair of lightweight pants that can be worn at a nice restaurant or bar. Women might want to pack a pair of lightweight or linen pants as well or they might want to just bring dresses or skirts. Avoid jeans as they will make you too hot and are also super slow to dry.
  • Shirts/tops – The number of shirts and other tops you need depends how long your trip is and if you will be doing laundry. I recommend men bring at least 3 short sleeve shirts, including a t-shirt, a nicer polo shirt and a performance short sleeve tee that keeps you cool and provides odor protection when spending time outdoors. Women can get away with fewer tops if they pack more dresses.
  • Sweater, fleece or hoodie  – Even if you are vacationing somewhere hot, I recommend bringing at least 1 long sleeve sweater or hoodie for chilly summer nights, cold airplanes, and air-conditioned places.
  • Underwear, socks and bras – The number depends on how long your trip is and if you will be doing laundry. If you will be checking luggage, I recommend packing at least 1 of each in your carry on bag in case your checked luggage is lost or delayed.


  • Sandals and/or flip-flops – Make sure to bring at least 1 pair of sandals or flip flops to wear at the beach or as shower shoes at hostels. I like Havaianas flip flops because they have great traction and don’t slip when walking on wet surfaces.  Women might want to bring an extra pair of dressier sandals as well.
  • Hiking shoes or sneakers – Summer is a great time to go camping or hiking so you might want to bring some closed toe shoes for you outdoor activities. Dickies makes a great hiker boot for men. For women, I have and recommend the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid hiking boot.
  • Loafers for men/cute flats for women  – If you will be dining our or eating out, I recommend men pack a pair of nice closed toe shoes that can be worn to a nice restaurant or bar. Women can wear a cute pair of sandals, but cute flats are another great option and also make good walking shoes.

Other Summer Essentials

  • Sunglasses – A must for summer travel!
  • Hat – A hat is a must for sun protection if you will be spending a lot of time outdoors. Ideally, I recommend a wide brim hat but even a baseball cap is better than nothing. Coolibar hats and clothes have excellent sun protection.
  • Scarf – A lightweight scarf will keep you warm on chilly summer nights, cold airplanes, and places with freezing air-conditioning.
  • Bandana – A bandana is so versatile – you can use it to wipe off sweat or use as a scarf or mask.
  • Bathing suits  – Don’t forget to pack at least 1 bathing suit for the beach or pool. Women might also want to bring a sarong, kaftan or swimwear cover up for the pool or beach.
  • Rain protection – If you will be spending a lot of time outdoors, I recommend packing a light rain jacket, poncho, or travel umbrella in case it rains.
  • Backpack or tote – A small backpack is perfect for flying but also great for hiking and day trips. I use a CabinZero backpack, which I recommend. Women might want to bring a tote bag or other bag instead — or in addition to a backpack.
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent – Don’t forget to bring sunscreen. Insect repellent is also important when spending time outdoors or if you are traveling somewhere where the Zika virus or other mosquito borne diseases is a threat. I use and recommend this insect repellent with DEET but there are also more natural alternatives.

Other Travel Necessities

Don’t forget these travel necessities:

• Passport or driver’s license
• Cash, credit cards, ATM cards
• Glasses, contacts, contact lens solution
• Medication and prescriptions
• Antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer
• Photography gear (camera, gopro) and other electronics (smartphone, computer, tablet, kindle, cords, memory cards, external battery, universal travel adapter if traveling internationally)
• Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss
• Lip balm, lotion, deodorant, tissues, comb and other toiletries and makeup
• Reusable water bottle and snacks
• Books, entertainment, road trip essentials if driving, or carry on essentials if flying

These are my summer travel essentials. Is there anything else I should add to my summer travel packing list?

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