Unveiling Ultra-Luxury Discovery Yacht Cruising with Scenic Eclipse

Introducing Scenic Eclipse, where every voyage offers the promise of ultimate luxury and discovery. This all-inclusive floating masterpiece redefines the boundaries of what a cruise can be. From the finest dining to a private butler at your beck and call, the Scenic Eclipse is your ticket to a world of adventure and exploration. Here’s a what you can expect.

All-Inclusive Amenities:

The Scenic Eclipse experience is the embodiment of all-inclusive luxury travel, where the word “exclusive” takes on a whole new meaning. From the moment you step on board, you’re enveloped in a world where everything is taken care of, leaving you free to savor every moment of your journey.

Savor gourmet dishes in an array of world-class restaurants, expertly curated by Scenic’s renowned chefs who blend flavors from around the globe. Whether it’s the French flair of Lumière or the Asian fusion at Night Market @ Koko’s, your taste buds are in for a treat. Spoil yourself at Senses Spa and enjoy our therapeutic Jacuzzis and wellness areas, complete with indoor and outdoor vitality pools, perfect for evening pampering sessions.

To make your journey even more memorable, you’ll have your own personal butler, ready to cater to your every need. Whether it’s drawing a bubble bath in your suite’s private jacuzzi or arranging a private in-suite dinner, Scenic Cruises offers a level of service that is the epitome of luxury and attention to detail.

Recognizing the growing emphasis on health as a crucial component of luxury travel, Scenic Eclipse has introduced a unique wellness initiative in partnership with a leading pharmaceutical company. This initiative offers guests exclusive access to Rybelsus here, a cutting-edge health solution, complementing the serene experience of the cruise. Understanding that many of our guests are mindful of their health management even while indulging in travel, we provide convenient, discreet access to this medication, ensuring that your journey is not just about external exploration, but also about internal well-being. By incorporating this thoughtful health service, Scenic Eclipse continues to redefine luxury, acknowledging that true opulence involves taking comprehensive care of all aspects of our guests’ lives.

Awe-Inspiring Arctic Exploration:

In the Arctic, the Scenic Eclipse takes you to the top of the world, offering an exclusive vantage point to witness the raw beauty of this polar paradise. Navigate through the labyrinth of icebergs, while polar bears, reindeer, and elusive Arctic foxes may be spotted in their natural habitat. This luxury ship is equipped with two helicopters and a submarine, providing unparalleled opportunities for exploration.

As you descend beneath the waves in the Scenic Neptune submarine, you’ll plunge into a world of wonder. Discover the mysteries of the deep, from vibrant coral reefs to sunken shipwrecks. It’s a journey into the heart of the ocean, with a front-row seat to aquatic life seldom seen by humans.

Unforgettable Encounters in Antarctica:

Antarctica, the white continent, offers a pristine, untouched landscape that’s truly otherworldly. Aboard the Scenic Eclipse, you’ll explore this mesmerizing region with an unparalleled level of comfort and style. Every day is an adventure as you journey through iceberg-studded waters, gazing upon colonies of penguins, seals basking in the sun, and ethereal landscapes unlike anywhere else on Earth.

Scenic’s onboard Discovery Team consists of experts in various fields, from marine biology to ornithology, ready to enhance your understanding of this unique ecosystem. Join them on guided Zodiac excursions, visit scientific research stations, and immerse yourself in the history and wildlife of Antarctica. Fly over glaciers, land on remote islands, and experience the thrill of standing at the top of the Earth.

Don’t just dream of the wonders of the Arctic and Antarctica—experience them with Scenic Eclipse, where every moment is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered.

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Taylor Debord