Iceland Escape

November 13, 2021 4:37 pm By Cynthia Heath

After a prolonged period at home, I was ready to travel this summer and Iceland seemed the perfect place. It is sparsely populated with wide open spaces, an ideal place to vacation. In addition, if you are fully vaccinated you can enter the country without a quarantine period.

Adventures can begin in the picturesque city of Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital. The city is easy to stroll around and full of trendy cafes, cozy restaurants, shops, bars, and museums.  After a day roaming the city, board the Le Dumont D’Urville and set out to explore the beautiful west coast on an 8-day Ponant cruise.  Ponant Cruises is very meticulous in ensuring the health and wellbeing of all 155 passengers and crew. Travel with peace of mind thanks to rigorous health protocols, including plenty of sanitizers everywhere, staff wearing masks, daily temperature checks, and continuous cleaning.

Sailing along the west coast and up to the Arctic Circle delivers travelers to remote towns and snow-capped mountain ranges majestically framing tiny colorful fishing villages, picturesque churches, and stunning fields of bright purple lupine flowers.  Breathe in the fresh air of these remote and awe-inspiring landscapes.  The vast glaciers, steep fjords, and bubbling geysers are captivating.  Around every bend is another gorgeous view.

Iceland is also rich in animal life.  Icelandic horses, arctic foxes, and sheep populate the countryside. Those adorable, renowned puffins nest along the cliff sides, and humpback whales breach the choppy Atlantic waters.

The waterfalls in Iceland are countless.  Witnessing these majestic waterfalls cascading from every hill is a view beyond belief.

Iceland has a robust national pride in its Viking history and mythology. There is more to the waterfalls than just beauty -- myths and legends abound. According to a famous legend, a chest full of gold and treasures sits behind the Skogafoss waterfall. Local lore suggests that around 900 AD, the first Viking settler in this area is said to have buried the treasure chest.  So far, no one has succeeded in recovering it.

No trip to Iceland would be complete without experiencing the famous Blue Lagoon.  The pools are spacious, with moody steam emanating from the stunning milky-blue waters and stark black lava rocks for background.  This beautiful bright blue bath with healing waters and a swim-up bar provides the perfect relaxation, rejuvenation, and luxury to conclude the adventure.

There is no shortage of adventure in Iceland.  The stunning natural beauty remains with visitors long after the trip is over.

I hope this inspires you for future travels when you are ready.



Written by Independent Travel Advisor: Cynthia Heath

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