Jay Johnson’s Top 5 Destinations at the Moment

In a recent conversation with Jay Johnson, Owner of Coastline Travel, we discussed his current favorite destinations and his recommendations for accommodations. Read on to discover Jay’s top picks!

Italy: Sicily and Puglia

Everyone wants to go to Italy and it’s our biggest destination by far. Though, you don’t want to go to Florence, or Rome or Venice, or even Tuscany. The reason I picked these two places is though they will be filled with tourists, it won’t be nearly as crowded as the other cities. Both Puglia and Sicily are destinations onto their own and you will find hotel rates not as overpriced as you will in the bigger, more traditional Italian cities. These are great alternatives to the Amalfi Coast as well, which again, has been extremely popular and will have bigger crowds, and higher hotel rates.

Preferred Properties: Four Seasons San Domenico Palace in Sicily and Borgo Egnazia in Puglia


Bhutan was one of the last countries that opened up after COVID and they have restricted the number of tourists that can enter the country.  The permit can be a bit pricey but it’s well worth it.  It’s one of the last unspoiled destinations on the planet.  And you need to do it before father time catches up with you as the hikes can be a little challenging due to the altitude.

Preferred Properties: Any of the Six Senses Bhutan


Namibia is not for the first time African traveler but for those who have been to Africa and are looking for something completely new and different.  The rust colored sand dunes are truly awe inspiring.

Preferred Lodge: Little Kulala Wilderness Reserve


This island is the perfect getaway to recharge your batteries and enjoy a truly unique and authentic destination. Fabulous beaches, delicious food and, although upscale, not as bling bling as the French Riviera. Much more subtle and quite pristine. You can combine Corsica with Sardinia. There are flights daily into Ajaccio and Bastia. Or a helicopter is a great way to get to Corsica as well.

Preferred Property: Casadelmar


Truly one of the last frontiers in the world and nobody does Antarctica better than Aurora Expeditions.  Their expedition style cruises are great for both young and old as there are hiking and kayaking for the adventuresome or simply sit onboard and view the beautiful scenery from your verandah.  It is a must go before climate change affects the continent more than it already has.

Preferred Expedition: Aurora Expeditions


For more information on these destinations and properties and to connect with one of our advisors, please reach out to info@coastlinetravel.com.

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