TravelPro365 – the Booking Platform Built for The Modern Day Advisor

Coastline Travel Group is thrilled to unveil TravelPro365, a comprehensive research and booking tool for the modern-day travel advisor.

The platform offers live GDS inventory for hotel, flight and car rental searches, quick quoting capabilities, promotions, tour itineraries, travel insurance options and access to preferred partner and Virtuoso rates, amenities and commissions side-by-side for seamless comparison, all on one user-friendly platform. Enhanced preferred partner commission levels are visible at the time of booking, and once reservations are confirmed, they are automatically invoiced to streamline commission payment directly to the advisor. TravelPro365 empowers advisors to navigate global travel offerings effortlessly, while driving their success through quick, yet exceptional service to their valued clients.

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Inspired by Coastline Travel Group’s commitment to innovation, growth and excellence in the luxury travel industry, TravelPro365 was developed in partnership with Kenny Wang, an experienced professional who has spent years developing cutting-edge technology. Wang’s deep understanding of the travel industry enabled him to create this point-and-click platform to fill the gap for older technologies like Sabre, while addressing the learning curve previously required to become a travel advisor.

“This was always a pipe dream of mine. I knew that if we could ever make a GDS user-friendly, it would be a game changer. And it’s here now,” said Jay Johnson, President and CEO of Coastline Travel Group. “TravelPro365 has enabled us to attract a wave of talented new entrepreneurs who are entering the industry. They no longer need to invest time in learning complicated GDS systems because TravelPro365 simplifies everything for them.”

Coastline Travel Group has made significant strides in enhancing internal systems for its growing community of advisors over the past few years, with a strong focus on technology development. The introduction of the TravelPro365 booking tool, along with an Intranet site, Invoicing and Administrative Support Team, Annual Advisor Retreat and various community engagement opportunities, demonstrate Coastline Travel Group’s commitment to empowering its growing network of talented travel advisors.

As an industry leader, Coastline Travel Group prides itself on staying ahead of the curve, providing cutting-edge technology and invaluable industry insights to give its advisors a competitive advantage. Travel entrepreneurs who choose Coastline Travel Group as their industry partner become part of a team that prioritizes innovation, offers robust infrastructure, provides access to a global network of established preferred partnerships and fosters an authentic, engaged and knowledgeable advisor community. As a host agency, Coastline Travel Group allows advisors to experience the benefits of a small, family-owned company coupled with the influence and reach of a larger entity.

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Learn more about booking platform TravelPro365 here:

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