Tracking the Return to Normal

September 18, 2021 1:48 pm

With travel restrictions continuing to ease, many people feel confused about where they can go and what they need to do. The good news is that more Americans are feeling increasingly comfortable with the idea of (finally!) taking a vacation. Here is some interesting data recently collected on the topic.


When the pandemic first hit the United States last year, the travel industry ground to a halt. Now, after positive signs of recovery and Americans traveling again, concerns over the coronavirus’ delta variant are rising, and all eyes will remain on consumers’ comfort related to travel heading into the fall.

Americans’ Comfort With Vacationing Falls Ahead of Holiday Travel Season: 60% of Americans said they are comfortable going on vacation as of a Nov. 10-11 survey, down 3 percentage points from the previous two weeks, when 63% of respondents said they felt safe taking a trip. The public’s comfort is now 5 points shy of a record high of 65% first set on the Fourth of July.

Comfort With Car Rentals Repeats Record High: 61% of Americans said they’re comfortable renting a car, up 1 point from last week and matching a record high first reached in mid-July and again in late October. Comfort with flying internationally also increased 1 point — from 29% to 30% — while comfort with all other methods of transportation tracked by Morning Consult fell from last week.

Boutique Hotel, Airbnb Comfort Stays Flat, While Comfort at Major Hotels Falls: 57% of U.S. adults said they currently feel comfortable staying at a major hotel chain, down 2 points from last week. Roughly half (51%) said they’re comfortable with boutique hotels, and 44% said they feel safe with home-sharing platforms such as Airbnb — both unchanged from last week.

When will things return to normal and what will our new normal look like? It’s a question that business, economic and government leaders are grappling with as more and more Americans receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

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