Why You Should Start Planning Your Family’s Bucket List Trip Now – And How To Get Started

February 10, 2022 5:48 pm By Jessica Larson

For two years now, many people have closed the door on traveling until or unless the pandemic is over. But in that time, many protocols and strategies have made travel possible. Even if you are still apprehensive about stepping out for an extended excursion, you can take this time to prepare for the future and plan a trip that will create memories for a lifetime -- successfully. Here are some insights on how to start:

With travel remaining uncertain due to the continuing pandemic, carefully planning for a future trip is now more crucial than ever. Between ever-changing COVID protocols and the risk of paying in advance for an excursion trip you won’t get to take, many travelers are using their built-up wanderlust, unused vacation budgets, and itinerary-creating itch to plan the trip of a lifetime.     

Perhaps you are a multi-generational family looking to complete that bucket list vacation or a young adult planning a gap year before college. Or, maybe you are a jet-setter returning to form. Whatever your circumstances, here are some handy tips you can use right now to start preparing for the dream vacation of your future.

Snag Great Deals Now For Future Trips

Globally, travel has been in upheaval because of the pandemic. With renewed lockdowns, border closings, and the return of health concerns, taking a trip right now may not be the best idea. Luckily, this also means that deals are plentiful as the travel industry tries to stay ahead of the health crisis. 

Take the time now to research and prepare for your family’s perfect dream vacation in the coming years: look for deals for future dates, research off-season pricing, and work with travel agents to ensure your plans are adaptable to the changing scene. Perhaps most importantly, use this time to dream about your perfect soon-to-come vacation with your family.

Take The Time To Prepare

When setting up your ultimate trip months or years in advance, it is vital to anticipate the new world of travel. While the pandemic continues to wax and wane worldwide, those looking to travel now should check out traveler’s insurance, specifically options that protect against future Coronavirus restrictions. Travel insurance is a great safety net for several reasons, including reimbursement for cancellations and paying for medical bills if you get sick while traveling. 

You can also take the time to plan multiple trips, routes, and itineraries to cover all of your vacation bases. That way, if one option falls through, you are prepared. Research supplemental and exciting side destinations to check out as you cruise down the highways (the world’s biggest ball of yarn, anyone?).

Get Your Finances In Order

Let’s face it: traveling is expensive, even without the pandemic raging around us. Aside from the already high costs of tickets, lodgings, and attractions, unexpected expenses can arise at every turn. It is imperative to start building your travel fund now to ensure you’re ready for all of the magic you desire.

Another option is to get a credit card with travel-specific rewards, like air miles. Not to mention, credit is the preferred payment when you travel. A credit card typically comes with valuable security features should it be lost or stolen. 

Additionally, using a debit card for a rental car deposit or possible incidentals at a hotel can tie up your cash for days or weeks, even if you don’t use it. If you have credit problems, consider a secured credit card. These cards require a security deposit in exchange for access to a credit line. As a bonus, you will begin to build your credit as you pay your monthly balances off punctually.

Hotels and Resorts Are Questionable

Ultimate resorts and ocean-front hotels are often the selling piece of once-in-a-lifetime trips. But, in the current world of social distancing and hesitancy over being close to others, you might want to ask yourself: Is it worth it? While the world may be back to normal before your planned departure date, this trend of reluctance may continue for years. So, what are your other options? 

Think outside the traditional box! Aside from hotels and resorts, there are many lodging options without the typical heavy crowds that maintain the majesty and beauty you want and expect. Check out historic areas with smaller and protected hotels or even waterfront cottages near scenic rivers and overlooks to stay safe. You can also look into vacation rental services like Airbnb and VRBO, which allow private owners to open their homes and lodging locations to the public through private bookings, ensuring a private stay without the crowds. 

If Driving, Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Ready To Go

Not everyone wants to fly or head out of the country. If you and your family are planning that bucket list vacation touring the national parks, driving the coasts, or just traveling cross country, it is imperative to make sure your car is road-worthy. 

Start a car fund to align with your planned departure dates so that your car is in top-notch operating condition and pristine just before leaving. Have your tires checked, change the oil and filters, and download a road trip checklist to ensure you have everything you need in the event of an emergency before you go. You don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere because you blew a tire and have no spare, especially if you have had a couple of years to plan and prepare. 

While the continuing pandemic places a damper on many travel plans, it creates the perfect opportunity to start planning the dream vacation you have always wanted. Start preparing now, and enjoy your bucket list trip when the world is safe to explore!

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By Jessica Larson of SolopreneurJournal.com